Food Photography Services

Thoda Strong is a full service food photography studio. Run by a food photographer and food stylist duo, the 1400 sq ft studio is located in Gurgaon, India. Stocked with the best camera & lighting equipment, a full-fledged food kitchen, a wide array of props & accessories as well as in-house photo and video editors, we are committed to providing a full and customised solution for your food imagery needs. From conceptualisation & storyboarding to executing the shoot and delivering the final edited and colour corrected images/ videos, Thoda Strong is perhaps the only studio in North India that can service all your food image requirements under one roof. 

Food Photography

With a full fledged photography studio in NCR, equipped to handle all the requirements of a commercial photoshoot as well as a kitchen equipped to handle food preparation needs allows us to provide a comprehensive solution for the creation of brilliant food imagery.

Food Videos

From recipe videos to hotel & restaurant AVs, the studio has a talented lot of cinematographers, a food prep and styling team as well as in-house video editors to deliver high quality food videos for use in marketing communication, with a special focus on social media usage.  

Food & Prop Styling

Styling food for the camera, or making it look fresh and inviting for the camera helps to create stunning, mouth-watering food images to be used across marketing and communication channels. This involves creating the image frame according to the brief, sourcing of props and preparation of food as required.

 Food Writing & More

Open to all kinds of projects beyond the scope of food photography and food styling, we can offer our services on a consultancy basis to cater to your requirements. Some examples may be food writing, content creation for websites and social properties, recipe creation/testing etc.

Thoda Strong is a boutique food photography studio in Gurgaon, NCR and is perhaps the only studio in North India to offer all the services required for food photography under one roof. Stocked with the very best in photography equipment, we have a large inventory of props and accessories to present your dish in the very best way possible – achieving a look that is in sync with the brand values, objective and usage, be it for advertising, packaging, menu design, magazine or editorial feature, books, websites, restaurant display or any other promotional material.